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In order to help our customers find the best possible energy prices on the market today we have to know about your current energy usage and have your permission to use that information to search the market for the best deals available to you.

As an energy broker, we compare both gas and electricity prices from a range of energy suppliers.

There are 3 ways we can collect this information from you using the form on this page

Upload your Energy Bill

The quickest way to get your quotes is to upload your previous utility bill in PDF format which should contain all the information we need to start helping you

Tell us about your usage

You can answer the questions in the form below to provide us with the information we require to get started but you don’t have to worry about uploading your energy bill if you already know the information

Let us do it all for you

Just fill in the form on this page and ask us to help you then one of our UK team of Energy Advisors will get in touch with you to talk you through the steps and start the process


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    If you would prefer us to guide you through the process personally simply complete the Letter of Authority Below and call our offices on 01889 220 820 and we will be able to assist you over the phone

    OK Great. Please upload your latest utility bill here. That should contain all the information we need to get started and provide your quotes

    Your Current Electricity Supply

    Who Supplies your Electricity

    How much Electricity do you use

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    Your Current Gas Supply

    Who Supplies your Gas

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    Do you currently use half hourly billing?

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    Your MPAN Number (you can find this on your bill find out more about MPAN and MPRN)

    Your MPRN Number (you can find this on your bill find out more about MPAN and MPRN)

    Letter of Authority

    Why do we need an LOA?

    The Data Protection Act (1998) ensures that companies have to follow strict rules to keep their customers data safe and secure. Because of this, we need to prove to them that we have authority to act on a customers’ behalf before they can release any potentially sensitive information to us.

    What data will we be accessing?

    We may contact current and potential suppliers for a range of reasons, including (but not limited to):

    • To obtain/confirm current contract information, such as start and end dates, annual consumption and rates

    • To confirm supply details, such as the MPAN/MPRN and current tariff

    • To obtain HH meter data to use in the production of a quote

    • To request bespoke quotes for any sites that cannot be priced via the portal

    • To submit termination to the current supplier on the customers’ behalf

    • To submit any contracts signed by the end user customer to suppliers

    • To discuss and resolve any registration issues that may arise during switchover