Green Energy

T150 Energy can provide our customers with totally green energy, generated from 100% renewable sources. These environmentally friendly energy tariffs come from Wind and Hydro resources and are accompanied with a “Guarantee of Origin”, certifying those exclusively green origins

For companies seeking to report zero emissions for “Scope 2” our green energy tariffs meet GHG Protocol Corporate Standards and the electricity purchased can be matched to REGOs (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin) for complete traceability and accountability
We are proud to offer these green energy tariffs to all customers as caring for the environment has quickly become a commercial responsibility as well as a moral one. If you would like to see how much carbon dioxide emissions can be saved by your business switching to a green tariff, then have a look at our Carbon Savings Calculator below.

Simple Carbon Calculator.

How many Tonnes of Carbon is saved by Switching to a 100% Renewable Tariff?

To see how switching to a 100% green energy tariff can help your company cut their carbon emissions and do your part to protect the environment use our Carbon Savings Calculator.
Simply enter your annual energy usage into the red square below and we will calculate how much carbon could be cut each and every year

Carbon Saving Calculator
Enter Your Annual Usage
Tonnes of Carbon Saved
kWhs per Annum Used
New Contract Length in Years
Source UK Government GHG Conversion Factors for Company Reporting

Electric Vehicle Charge Points

With the rise in popularity of electric vehicles many companies are now looking to install EV Charge points at their premises, either for fleet, employee or customer use. We can advise on the best way to add vehicle charge points from a single charger up to enough to power a full fleet of vehicles and with our ability to provision your electricity supply from a wide range of suppliers at the best available market costs the transition is made easy.

Benefits Of EV Charge Points

Governments around the world, seeing the benefits to the environment and public health, are encouraging EV use in many ways. Whether it be congestion charging, clean air zones or higher taxes on polluting vehicles the push towards EV is only increasing and businesses who adopt and adapt early will reap the benefits

Energy Suppliers

By working with the widest range of suppliers we have access to the best pricing across the energy sector

By using our analysts, advanced software solutions and experience T150 Energy can help with purchasing energy for Schools, from a wide range of suppliers from across the sector. We work with only the most trusted and reliable suppliers to ensure hassle free provision for our customers and because of our experience in the sector we can save you time and money over going through the process of manually comparing quotes from individual suppliers.