Purchasing Energy for Schools

Getting the best deal on Energy for Schools

Energy costs are often the second highest expenditure in schools after wages

With reductions in school funding placing ever increasing pressure on budgets, schools large and small are having to reassess how they use the energy they purchase and how they can source it at the best possible rates.

Purchasing energy for Schools is not the same as it would be for home customers as many supplier’s cushion home users, who are more likely to change providers, from short term volatility in wholesale markets. It is not uncommon for wholesale energy customers to see prices change by up to +/- 20% in a single day.
The energy market is more volatile than the stock market and because of that many schools and educational facilities purchase electricity and gas on a fixed price basis usually for 12 months ahead. If those prices are fixed at the wrong point it can prove to be a very expensive mistake, whereas those who fix at the right time will find purchasing energy for schools with T150 Energy has saved them a great deal of money
T150 Energy can help with purchasing energy for Schools, through our experience of risk management in energy markets, and our continually monitoring of price trends to help advise our customers on when to fix their prices for the more cost-effective provision of energy.

Energy Suppliers

By working with the widest range of suppliers we have access to the best pricing across the energy sector

By using our analysts, advanced software solutions and experience T150 Energy can help with purchasing energy for Schools, from a wide range of suppliers from across the sector. We work with only the most trusted and reliable suppliers to ensure hassle free provision for our customers and because of our experience in the sector we can save you time and money over going through the process of manually comparing quotes from individual suppliers.